Competitive Teams



Competitive Programs…How It Works 

CHAMPIONS award-winning competitive teams program has 5 different and unique programs to offer. Each program is designed to “Bring out the CHAMPION in Your Child” in a safe, loving environment that nurtures your child’s self-esteem and unlocks their potential!


  • Champions Competition (in house meets)
  • AAU XCEL Programs
  • USAG XCEL Programs
  • USAG J.O Level programs
  • Elite Development

Although each program has a common ground to help develop your child to their fullest potential, they also have unique rules, guidelines and training requirements listed below that set them apart from one another. Our highly trained and professional coaching staff have had years of experience coaching athletes to help them reach their goals. Our athletes are some of the top in the state, region and nation. We have won numerous awards and we are proud of our teams, the wonderful athletes, parents and coaches.

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In-House Competitions

In-House Competitions are designed for beginner level gymnasts who wish to try competition gymnasticswhile staying in their current CHAMPIONS class or Giant Program. These may be mock meets where coaches judge the routines to full sanctioned meets held by CHAMPIONS where judged by state level gymnastics judges.




The USAG XCEL Program is perfect for the gymnast that wants to excel quickly in the sport of gymnastics. Our focus is the development of the athlete in the optional “Xcel” world of gymnastics. This is what you see on TV. Each child has a unique and individual routine that highlights their strengths, unlocks their beauty and nurtures their development.The USAG XCEL Team has 5 competitive levels:

  • Bronze (4 hrs/wk)
  • Silver (6-9 hrs/wk)
  • Gold, Platinum & Diamond (9 + hrs/wk)


USAG Junior Olympic Level Program

Levels 1-6  are called the Compulsory Levels (scripted routines written and choreographed by USA Gymnastics. At CHAMPIONS, we focus on the development of the gymnasts to become the best that they can be at the quickest pace possible. Our Level 1-5 Compulsory Teams only compete at level up meets to provide them the opportunity to advance quickly and begin their more involved competitive journey once they become a Level 6 Gymnast.

Level 6-10 in the USAG Junior Olympic program are the most difficult and most competitive of all the programs. It requires dedication, hard work, long hours in the gym and physical and mental strength. At this level, we start to see the lines, the grace, the dedication and determination. They are turning into a graceful powerhouses! As parents, you will see that your awesome little gymnast has learned how to manage their time and they are more focused not only in the gym, but in the classroom.

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Elite Development

At CHAMPIONS, our Elite Development Program starts with our Giants Program and moves into the XCEL then Level 6-10 program. Depending on the athlete, the development may take different paths. There are many roads to the Olympics and competing as a collegiate level gymnast. As we strive to nurture our gymnasts towards their goals, we understand that not everyone is on this road. Whatever your child’s dream, CHAMPIONS has the dedication, training, love and professional coaching staffs to help you and your child enjoy this magical, fun and incredible journey.

The owners, Richard and Lydia Sorrow, have been teaching, coaching, training and judging gymnastics for 37 years. They have a wealth of knowledge to”Bring out the CHAMPION in Your Child” to enhance your child’s experience and give them the best possibility for advancement.